The Seer


Cosmonaut Studios
Based in Liverpool, England

Founding Date:
March 13, 2015


Press/Business Contact:



Stanhope House
Mark Rake
United Kingdom
CH62 2DN


Cosmonaut Studios is a small independent development team based in the wilds of Liverpool, England. Our crew is a combination of industry veterans and talented newcomers. Collectively we have worked on dozens of games and even won a BAFTA for the trophy cabinet. We formed Cosmonaut Studios to develop games that we are all passionate about from our respective design, technical and artistic perspectives.

We are currently working on our first title for console and PC which we hope to bring you sneak peaks of very shortly.


Life before Cosmonaut
The core of the Cosmonaut crew are grizzled veterans who previously worked together at Magenta Software. Magenta earned a reputation for creating excellent titles for a younger audience and developed games for Sony, Disney, Atari and Universal. In 2008 we received a BAFTA for Buzz Junior: Jungle Party, the first title in a franchise that we created for SCEE.

Launching Cosmonaut
In early 2015 we formed Cosmonaut Studios and returned to our roots with some ‘Guerilla Development’. We set up office in a small suburban house. We hired a scanning system and taped up black plastic sheets to make a scanning room. We found students from a local acting college for our in-game characters. We borrowed a motion capture system and shot in a local community centre. As a small team, we all wore many hats and when things inevitably got ‘interesting’, we all rolled up our sleeves and pitched in.

Unity was the tool of choice for our programmers and our artists found it more than capable of delivering their shadowy and atmospheric visions. The portable scanners and motion capture turned out to be quite cheap and rather effective in helping bring our world to life. Best of all, seeing what all this could do helped both expand and focus our design in ways that would have been otherwise impossible with such a small team.

Achieving Orbit
So now we have our complete, fully-playable prototype of ‘The Seer’, an atmospheric investigation into things that go bump in the night. We’re rather proud of what we’ve achieved and Unity themselves were impressed enough that they want to include ‘The Seer’ in their 2016 GDC trailer. Naturally, there’s no way we’re missing that and so we’ll also be there to show off the full prototype to publishers, investors and other developers.


The Seer is a first person horror story.

Company Logos

Cosmonaut Crew

Paul Johnson
Creative Director

Adam Mitchell
Technical Director

Nick Jefferson-Tame
Art Director

Carl Swanick
Lead Designer

David Bottomley
Narrative Designer

Jon Dougdale
Senior Artist

Sharif Najjoo
Art Technician

Ste Jones
Art Technician

Darren Holt
Lead Animator